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Our Non-GMO Standards

We are proud to say that every pint we sell is made from non-GMO ingredients.


What is a GMO?

A GMO, or Genetically Modified Organism, is an organism that has had it's DNA altered by scientists in a laboratory using a multitude of different gene splicing techniques. These gene splicing techniques allow scientists to inject specific sequences of DNA from one organism into another organism. The result is hybrid species of plants, bacteria's, animals and viruses that do not occur in nature. GMO's differ from traditional cross breeding methods that have been used by farmers for decades. 

Our Non-GMO Standard:

Our ingredients are sourced from vendors, farmers and suppliers who use Non-GMO ingredients "by origin". This means we rely on tractability back to the original Non-GMO seed to ensure all ingredients that go into our pints are free of genetic modification.


Vendors, farmers and suppliers that also handle GMO ingredients must take proper handling and cleaning precautions to ensure no cross contamination is possible.


Mr. Green Tea suppliers will be audited to ensure their documentation and facilities meet our strict standards.


Our Dairy:

Mr. Green Tea was one of the first ice cream companies to pledge to never use dairy from cows that have been treated with rBGH or Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone. We feel this synthetic growth hormone should not be in the food supply and have vowed to never source our milk or cream from farms that use or have a history of using rBGH.


Our Non-GMO standard is based off of the mandatory GMO declaration requirements of the European Union. In an effort to be 100% transparent we do want our customers to know that our milk & cream is conventionally sourced and the dairy cows may be consuming a diet that includes GMO feed such as soy & corn.


We work with our suppliers every day to improve our ingredients and to ensure their sustainability and quality. This includes the tireless effort to find a reliable and sustainable source of dairy supply that does not use GMO feed.


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